Seychelles Sunbird

Seychelles Sunbird


The tiny Seychelles Sunbird or Kolibri in creole is one of the few endemic species that have thrived since the first settlement.

It co-habits with introduced predators like rats and cats, by building nests at the end of twigs, which ensure success in reproduction. It feeds on sugary nectar obtained from flowers and also catches small insects in gardens as well as in native forests. The male has a shiny violet-green bib and yellow tuffs under the wings. Sunbird occurs from coastal mangrove habitats to the highest parts of the Morne Seychellois National Park.


Scientific Name: Nectarinia dussumieri
Population: >20,000 individuals
Distribution: Most granitic islands
Habitat: Forest, scrub, gardens, from sea level to mountain peaks
Nest: Hanging nests, made of grass and moss bound with spider webs. A single egg is laid
Diet: Nectar and insects
Identification: A tiny bird with a down-curved thin bill and (in males) a gleaming throat-patch.

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