Ban on all importations of R-22/or compound of R-22 Refrigerant & Equipment


The Ozone Unit within the  Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change would like to remind the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) Industry, including all importers and large Owners/users  (hotels and office building owners) of RAC equipment as well as servicing companies working in the RAC sector and the public in general that: .

Since 01st  January 2018, all importation of R-22 or Compound of R-22 gas/equipment have been banned.

Kindly be informed that it is an offence to import, export, sell, purchase, and use substances   (Chlorofluorocarbon “CFCs” Hydrofluorocarbon (HCFCs R22) or compound of CFCs, HCFCs, halon, Methyl Bromide, Tetrachloride and Methyl chloroform

Any importation of these substances or equipment into the country will be liable to payment of an environment fine of Rs3000/-  and the importer will be responsible for the reshipment at his/her own cost.

For any further clarifications, kindly contact:-

Senior Ozone officer: Inese Chang-Waye


Tel : 2724391