Climate Change Communication Self-Guided Course

An online self-guided course for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively about climate change and inspire action! Developed by Dr. Susanne Moser for the GCCA+ Seychelles Project (2020)

Climate change is a frequently overwhelming, controversial and emotionally difficult issue to convey and to respond to. Yet, inaction – in terms of emission reductions, disaster preparedness or long-term adaptation – is not an option for a small island developing state like the Seychelles. It is critical that decision-makers in all sectors of Seychellois society are actively engaged to develop appropriate response strategies and that the Seychellois help shape, support and implement the necessary actions. Yet the challenge of how to raise awareness and understanding for the urgency and need for action and how to mobilize and empower people to action remain daunting challenges for all communicators. In 2018, a study undertaken by the GCCA+ project identified communication training as a top priority for climate change capacity building in Seychelles. This course was originally developed to meet specific needs identified by participants who indicated interest in the training: e.g. identifying cogent climate messages, meeting different audiences where they are at, dealing with unmotivated or sceptical audiences, linking communication effectively to motivating action, among others).

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