Energy Investor Conference: “Transitioning towards a net zero future”

The Government of the Republic of Maldives (GoM) has embarked on an ambitious path to transform the country’s power sector to address the climate emergency and ensure a safe, sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

The Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment Mr. Flavien Joubert was invited to  the virtual Energy Investor conference held Wednesday 23rd June 2021, led by the Minister for Environment , Climate Change and Technology from the Government of Maldives Her Excellency Mrs. Aminath Shauna in association with the World Bank, which aims is to bring together stakeholders and investors with an objective of; Sharing strategies of the Government  of  Maldives towards a net zero future; Sharing experience from existing projects facilitated by the Government  of  Maldives and the World Bank; Highlighting the enabling Renewable Energy (RE) business environment in the Maldives, and Showcasing the pipeline of upcoming Renewable Energy (RE) opportunities under the Accelerated Renewable Integration Sustainable Energy (ARISE) project including financing options and appropriate guarantees built in for the project developer. The meeting was the opportunity for other SIDS representatives to share their collective knowledge and experience of the World Bank which will benefit the Maldives and other Island Nations.

During his special remarks, the Ministry for agriculture, climate change and Environment Mr. Flavien Joubert, highlighted the economic and environmental benefit Seychelles has gained in transitioning to renewable energy,

“Seychelles as a Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have demonstrated its firm commitment for transitioning towards renewable energy and putting in place strategies towards a net zero future, as reflected in their first round of our 2015 Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. This was reaffirmed in the SIDS Energy Transition Initiative, presented as part of the SIDS Ambition Package to the United Nations Secretary General Climate Action Summit in September 2019.”

He further thanked the World Bank and other institutions such as International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the United Nation bodies for supporting SIDS to develop their technologies to adapt with the global challenge such as climate change.

“Seychelles recognises the leading role which International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the World Bank are taking to global adoption of Renewable Energy. We would like to take this opportunity to thank both institutions for their contributions and support and their respective effort to address this global challenge. We believe that we can accelerate our transformation through partnerships with the support of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the World Bank. I hope this deliberations will also explore ways of fostering new partnerships as well as strengthening local capacity to build resilience, access to financing, engaging private sector investments, public funding and re-tailoring financing procedures to address the most urgent needs emerging from the current pandemic.”