Environment Police to intensify patrols to curb down illegal dumping

Environment Police to intensify patrols to curb down illegal dumping

T he Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change has recorded a significant increase in the number of cases of illegal dumping of waste at specific areas on Mahé. Hotspots include remote and undeveloped at Perseverance, more specifically along the road leading to Anse Etoile, at Ile Aurore and also in part of Providence. The wastes consist of construction debris, broken electrical appliances, logging residues amongst others. These wastes should have been deposited at the Providence landfill.

According to the Chief Environment Police in the Waste and Permit Division from the Ministry, Mr. Andre Freminot, they noticed the wastes when conducting routine patrol or through complaints received from members of the public and through the Social Media. The illegal dumping are more prominent in remote and undeveloped isolated from the public.

“Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to identify the origin of the trash, through evidence which leads us to the offender, but in the majority of cases this is not possible especially with construction rubbles” said Mr Freminot.

‘It is an offence to illegally dump waste and the he consequences may be severe. ‘The Environment Protection Act clearly states that anyone caught dumping waste illegally on private or public land which has not been allocated for such, would be prosecuted in a court of law, if found guilty. The individual could face penalties of not more than a Million Rupees or 2 years imprisonment.’ Mr Freminot added.

Depending on gravity of the dumping instead of facing prosecution, an out of court settlement could be made, a fine agreed by both parties in the event the same offender is caught more than once’ he further added.

The Ministry of Environment would like to call on those concerned to refrain from doing such illegal activities because it could be a danger to wildlife an may also affect human health.

The Environment Police will continue to strengthen its patrol and to bring those responsible to task.