Minister Joubert met with Fond Ferdinand Staff

The Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Mr. Flavien Joubert met with the staff responsible for the management of ‘Le Ravin de Fond Ferdinand on Praslin during his routine visit on Monday19th April 2021. He was accompanied by the Members of the National Assembly on Praslin.

The delegation was welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer of SIF, Dr. Frauke Dogley and Operation Manager, Catherina Meriton.

Dr Dogley delivered a power point presentation regarding a recent survey targeting the Praslin community to provide them an opportunity to participate in the management plan of Le Ravin de Fond Ferdinand.

The Minister had the opportunity to interact with the staffs and engage in discussion with the management concerning the transfer of Font Ferdinand to SIF management. The Members of the National Assembly also discussed about potential opportunities that would bring benefit to the Praslin community.

Le Ravin de Fond Ferdinand is a nature reserve measuring 1284907.18 m2, and the home of more than 5000 endemic Coco-de-mer trees. There are currently 23 staffs working at the nature reserve.