Minister Joubert visits Baie Saint Anne Primary School Eco- School Projects

During his routine visit on Praslin on Monday 20th April 2021, the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment Mr. Joubert paid a visit to Baie Saint Anne Primary School. The school has 585 students and 61 staff. The delegation was welcome by Ms. Wendy Sara, the Deputy Head Teacher for Studies at the Baie Saint Anne Primary School.

Upon arrival the delegation had a brief tour of the school to view various sustainable projects undertaken by the school such as, rain water harvesting, waste sorting, Photo Voltaic, medicinal and a small gardens. As the Minister responsible for Agriculture, he was impress with the various animals kept by the students with the assistance of Mr. Daniel Latulipe and Ms. Karen Portlouis who are both Eco School Leaders.

Mr. Latulipe highlighted that students who are not good academically are the ones who maintain the small farm. They develop a sense of responsibility, which results in a change in their behavior. The harvest, are sold with staff and students from the school and the money collected is used to purchase livestock feed.

The teacher brought to the attention of the Minister the presence of dangerous trees found on the perimeter of the compound.

To conclude his visit, the Minister commended the Eco-School team of Baie Saint Anne Praslin School and for their outstanding effort towards educating the importance of sustainable projects and the effect it will have within the students who will further educate their parents. The Minister also had the opportunity to plant a “bullock heart” locally known as “kern bef” in the school garden.

“The Ministry will continue to support eco-school activities given the positive impact it has on students, the eco-friendly campaign develop the student’s characters and they will be our voice in the community” Said Minister Joubert

The Minister was accompanied by the three MNA’s from Praslin and two staffs from his Ministry.