Seychelles participated in the Fifth United Nation Environment Assembly

The Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Mr Flavien Joubert, accompanied by the Principal Secretary for Environment attended the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly, hosted by the United Environment Program (UNEP) in Nairobi from the 28 February to 2nd March 2022. The program included two days of events celebrating 50 years of existence of the United National Environment program UNEP.

The 5th meeting of UNEA, the supreme body for environment at the UN, was held under the theme “Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” reflecting on the need for member States of the UN, businesses, civil society and other stakeholders who participated in the conference to do more to achieve the environment related sustainable development goals. It was noted for example that progress on the chemicals management targets have been wholly inadequate. The assembly concluded negotiations on 14 resolutions, which included a landmark decision to launch a negotiating process for the establishment of an internationally legal binding instruments on plastics, nature-based solutions for sustainable development, circular economy, biodiversity and health and establishment of science policy panel on chemicals, waste and pollutions amongst others. These decisions are meant to direct the action of UN agencies and guide future programs by multilateral and regional groups.

In his intervention at the meeting, the Minister called on the need for continued partnership, commitment of the global community and multilateralism to help make that difference. He said that we have learned a lot for the past 50 years and there is a need to assess how we can deliver better results. In order to achieve these goals, the global community needs to act now and double their efforts to win for Nature. Seychelles is an example to the world on how decisive actions can be taken for the global good.

Immediately after UNEA-5.2, the Assembly convened a Special Session from 3rd to 4th of March 2022 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the creation of UN Environment Programme in 1972 (UNEP@50). During these celebrations the work of UNEP during those years was showcased, and UNEP presented through its work program and strategic plan, the outcome a series of reflections on its future and the manner it shall transform itself to better respond to global challenges. A high level political statement was also issued at the event, emphasizing the commitments that each participating member and agencies should provide in order to create that change in the way humankind is exploiting the planet. The celebration of UNEP at 50 will be followed by the Stockholm +50 event organized by Sweden in June, which will look back and take stock of the impact that the original Stockholm conference on the environment 19 72 have had and reinforce the strengths of the UNEP and SDG framework. Seychelles had been officially invited to this conference.

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