Virtual Climate Change Diplomacy Workshop Officially launched

A group of 25 participants both environmental specialists and diplomats follows a virtual 4-day workshop to prepare for COP26

The United Nation Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)- Division for Multilateral Diplomacy is convening a series of workshops on climate change diplomacy in the lead-up of the twenty-sixth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26), that will be attended by countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on the 1st October until the 12th of November 2021, Glasgow UK.

The workshop is being co-sponsored by the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office (UNRCO) for Seychelles and Mauritius and the Australian High Commission for Mauritius and Seychelles, offered by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) – Division for Multilateral Diplomacy.

Although on a virtual basis, the workshop aims to support and build the capacities of officials and other stakeholders from Seychelles to understand the climate change debates and environmental science that will prepare them for substantive discussions on the subject and improve their negotiating skills. This will ensure that the participants can effectively represent their respective national interests at the upcoming sessions at COP26.

The workshop was virtually launched on the 22nd of July by the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Mr. Flavien Joubert. In his opening remarks, Mr. Joubert highlighted that the workshop will be focusing on environmental diplomacy, climate change, and the negotiations of the UNFCCC. In his speech, Mr. Joubert further called upon negotiators, diplomats and representative groups of youth and civil society to avail themselves with the workshop because it will improve their overall knowledge and understanding of the process and outcomes of the COP.

“Seychelles recognizes the volume of technical work done from the Subsidiary Bodies (SBs) meeting that took place last month in June. It is thus important for us to progress on these technical issues between now and COP 26. As such, we see the utility/importance of having such a workshop to help build your capacity in moving forward from COP 25 to the upcoming COP 26 that will take place in November in Glasgow this year, and hopefully beyond.” Said Mr. Joubert

The workshop program is designed to be highly interactive and participatory with a variety of simulation exercise, case studies and pedagogical tools that will allow the participants to acquire adequate knowledge and understanding of the substantive topics, and gain a practical appreciation of the negotiation processes and dynamics.

The 25 participants of the workshop come from the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade also various NGOs such as Seychelles Island Foundation, UN youth Seychelles, Global Shapers Community and SIDS Youth Aims Hub. All participants will each be awarded a certificate at the end of the virtual workshop although not all participants are directly involved in nor will be participating at the COP.