White Flag Certification Ceremony Beau Vallon Beach

The White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMA) represent the world’s most purest and cleanest oceans, lakes and rivers surfaces that has been physically cleaned from Plastic and other marine debris. Beau Vallon has been chosen as one of the cleanest and Safe Marine Area. This event took place at Beau Vallon Promenade on Saturday 8th September in the presence of President Danny Faure as the guest of honour in the ceremony.

Mr. Kritijan Curavic who is the President of the Ocean Alliance Conservation Member (OACM) stated “we have cleared up to 11 tons of plastic in 8 weeks of cleaning for only 200 meters of beach”.

Mr. Curavic had the honour of awarding the first White Flag to the Republic of Seychelles, with President Danny Faure in the presence of the Vice-President Mr. Vincent Meriton and Hon Nicolas Prea.

Minister of Environment Energy and Climate Change Mr. Wallace Cosgrow, mentioned in his Speech the different path that the Government of Seychelles are undertaking to preserve the Marine Life. He further thanked the Non-Governmental Organizations for their effort especially those directly involved with Plastic Pollution.

“Since 2009 we have put in place schemes to reduce and remove PET bottles and aluminum cans that are discarded into the environment. We have created business and employment opportunities from these initiative. In 2017 a ban was introduced on the importation and use of single use plastics, Styrofoam take away boxes, plastic cups and cutleries. This year government approved a ban on the importation and use of plastic straws which will take effect in January 2019.” Said Mr. Cosgrow

Present at the Ceremony was the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Mr. Didier Dogley; Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning, Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne; Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mrs. Pamela Charlette; Honourable Members of the National Assembly, General Managers from establishments along the Beau Vallon beach; representatives from Civil Society and other dignitarie.