White Flag Project

The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate change has decided to put on hold the White Flag project being undertaken by the Ocean Alliance Conservation Member Organisation. This follows certain allegations which surfaced on an independent online news platform.

The Ministry has been made aware of the articles and the allegations published on the independent online news platform and has seen it fit to seek further clarifications from the organisation, after which it will decide the way forward. The Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Wallace Cosgrow, Minister for Tourism, Didier Dogley and the Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning, Maurice Loustau Lalanne met with Mr. Curavic President of the White Flag International yesterday afternoon, to discuss these allegations. MEECC noted that at this point, the government through the Ministry have only been in consultation with the organisation, for certification of more beaches in Seychelles following the first white flag which was AWARDED to the country in September last year, for Beau Vallon Beach.

There has been no financial implications or commitments and pointed out that discussions on the White Flag Project will only resume after satisfactory clarifications have been received from the organisation.