How can I get a solar energy system for my business with government help?

Commercial consumers can apply for the SMEs Loan scheme which is a bit similar to SEEREP. They can apply through commercial banks or via DBS. Terms and conditions apply but still it is a low interest loan scheme to assist commercial entities to purchase, among others, renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency devices. Like SEEREP, the pro-forma invoice needs to be endorsed by Seychelles Energy Commission (some banks do not always require the invoice to be endorsed by SEC because they themselves can validate the invoice). Then they go to their respective banks to apply for the loan, and use the loan to pay for their PV systems. Once the system is installed and commissioned, the consumer can apply for the Commercial Rebate. There is a rebate application form which they fill (the local PV suppliers can do it) and submit to PUC which certify systems specification, that it has been correctly installed and commissioned and performance is acceptable. The form is then forwarded to SEC for final check and approval. Once approved, SEC will contact the consumer to collect the form and to bring it, along with the ID of the person the rebate is payable to, to the Development Bank of Seychelles, to collect the payment.