Scops Owl

Scops Owl


Scops Owl

The Scops Owl or Syer is nocturnal, which means it is active at night. It is mainly found in the highland forests of Mahe, so it is rarely seen. It can sometimes be heard calling from tall trees, its usual call sounds like a frog or the rasping noise of a big saw on wood, giving the bird its creole name. A survey conducted by Nature Seychelles during 1999 and 2001 found that most of its habitat is now within the Morne Seychellois National Park where it is legally protected. During that same project, the first nest, egg and chick was discovered in May 1999.


Scientific Name: Otus insularis                                            
Common Name: Syer
Conservation Status: Endangered
Population: About 360 birds
Nest: Nest in hollow trees, one white egg laid
Diet: Insects, spiders, possibly frogs and small lizards
Identification: Small brown owl with a two- note rasping (frog-like) call. View Image

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