Seychelles Kestrel

Seychelles Kestrel


The Seychelles Kestrel or Katiti in creole is the only native day-flying bird of prey in the central Seychelles and one of the only two in Seychelles (the other is Madagascar Kestrel found on Aldabra). It eats a variety of small animals, mainly lizards. They do not construct a nest but lay their eggs on the ground among rocks, on cliffs or on ledges of buildings such as church towers. Traditionally, people have thought of this bird as unlucky and even killed it.

Now it is protected by law. There is long-term monitoring program on the species. The conservation goal is to secure a stable breeding population of at least 1000 pairs distributed among the larger granitic islands to reduce the threat of extinction.


Scientific Name: Falco araea
Conservation status: Globally threatened, vulnerable
Population: <500 pairs
Distribution: Breeds on Mahe and nearby small islands, Praslin (very rare), Silhouette, North Island, Felicite, Conception and Therese Island
Habitat: Coastal, cliffs, urban and cultivated areas from sea level to high altitudes.
Identification: The only resident small falcon. Grey head with reddish-brown upper-parts and light under-parts.

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