Minister Joubert resumes visit on Praslin and La Digue

The Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Mr Flavien Joubert resumed his routine visits on Praslin and La digue yesterday, which was halted due Covid-19 restrictions on the two Islands.

On La Digue Minister Joubert chaired a consultative meeting with key representatives from the government, L’Union Estate and La Digue Farmer’s Association, to discuss the possible allocation of potential agricultural land in L’union Estate for livestock farming. During the meeting, the importance of having an access road as well as a reliable water supply system to the area, were also discussed.

Present for the meeting were the Chief Executive Officer for L’Union Estate, Mr. Gustave Delpech, the Chief Executive Officer for Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) Ms. Linetta Joubert, the proportionately elected Member for the National Assembly Mrs. Noline Sophola, Constituency Clerk Ms. Christine Rose, the liaison officer for La Digue, Loncy Micock, two technicians from SAA, and Mr. Roger Morel as Chairman of La Digue Farmers Association.

On Praslin Minister Joubert chaired a meeting with the Chairman of Baie Ste Anne Farmers’ Association, Mr. Anel Marie. Mr. Marie was updated on the main issues discussed in the recent meeting conducted with other Chairmen of Farmers’ Association, on Mahe last month. Mr. Marie raised certain concerns which are currently affecting farmers on Praslin, including the latest matter of tuta absoluta, a very serious pests affecting tomatoes.

To conclude his visit Minister Joubert dropped by the recently completed coastal rock armoring project at Anse Kerlan. He was accompanied by the newly appointed Principal Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Ms. Rebecca Loustau Lalande, the Director General for Climate Change Division Mr. Selvan Pillay and the Senior Climate Adaptation Officer Ms. Annie Simeon.

Discussion was had on the design and implantation of the second phase of the rock armoring project to protect the coastline and road infrastructure along the coast. The second phase of the project is expected to start before the end of the year.