Minister satisfied with projects in the South East region of Mahe

Minister for Environment Energy and Climate Change Mr. Wallace Cosgrow visited several areas of the Eastern South region of Mahe, where various coastal and drainage project has recently been implemented which aimed at addressing the impact of erosion and flooding.
The Minister was accompanied by the Principal Secretary for Energy and Climate Change Mr. Wills Agricole, Director General for Climate Change Division, Mr. Selvan Pillay, Principal Climate Adaptation Officer Mr. Jean Claude Labrosse, Ms. Annie Simeon Senior Climate Adaptation officer and Mr. Hendrix Figaro Senior Climate Adaptation Officer.
The visit was an opportunity for Minister Cosgrow to see for himself their status, discussed their progress, and to know the preparation that needs to be done.
The visit began at the drain Channel, Ex Hydroponics site, Au Cap a project which was financed by the Ministry, was completed in June 2020. This project will help to reduce flooding in the area. Further Minister witnessed Bridge Reconstructions at Bamboo Estate, Anse Royal, a project funded by Environment Trust Fund, started the end of February 2020 and delayed due to the restrictions of pandemic COVID-19, until now, it is under construction including the Bridge reconstruction at Sweet Escote, Anse Royal. The main objective of these three projects is to provide a proper channel to control water flow and prevent flooding in the area. Furthermore, the Minister visited a completed project of rock armoring for Coastal Protection at Fairy Land.
“One of the projects that the Ministry has designed and implemented with the collaboration of land transport agency at Anse Royal Fair Land is to reduce the impact of erosion. Beach Park Anse Royal has been restored before with Rock Armoring and timber pilling along the coast, however with time the beach profile adapting to the constant change of the climate has distress and destroy the previous project, therefore the Ministry with other members from the District Administration have discussed to implement a new method to help minimize coastal erosion in this area,” said Minister Cosgrow
The uncompleted projects are due to complete by the end of September 2020 the Ministry is constantly monitoring the work being done and ensuring that the drainage system in place will be a better system that will allow water to flow properly. The Minister is satisfied with all the work so far and urges the corporation of the public as some areas are not accessible when the projects are ongoing, in general, this will be for the betterment of the area.
The Minister later visited the completed Coastal Rehabilitation at Anse Boileau and the recently completed Coastal Protection at Maravi Takamaka.