Mr. Wills Agricole wins Green Climate Fund (GCF) first ever Green Champion Awards

Transformational Country Green Champion Award won by Seychelles’ PS Wills Agricole

Seychelles’ Principal Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Wills Agricole, who is with the Seychelles delegation at COP25/Blue COP UN Climate Conference now taking place in Madrid Spain, won one of the six Green Climate Fund (GCF) first ever Green Champion Awards in the Transformational Country Green Champion category last Friday 6th December, 2019!
This is another win for Seychelles. There were five other categories:

1. Climate Youth Champion
2. Climate Gender Champion
3. Climate Community Champion
4. Climate Entrepreneur Champion
5. Climate Lifetime achievement Champion

The Award recognizes and promotes the most noteworthy and successful efforts and initiatives to combat climate change, through concerted environmental, social and business-led commitments.
Lorna Regina Bautista Legarda, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Philippines, presented the Transformational Country Champion award to Wills Agricole, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Seychelles.
Accepting the award, PS Agricole expressed pride in the country’s climate action thus far.

Stating that the award recognizes dedication towards effective coordination of climate action from a small island developing state, he stressed that it stands as a pillar of his life’s work and denotes Seychelles’ sustainability credentials fulfilled so far and spotlights the urgent need to find solutions to the climate emergency.
Sharing that he would like to be remembered for contributing to climate solutions during a crisis period and in driving climate transformation in Seychelles and the world. Moreover, making notable progress in pursuing national interaction with the GCF and as a result contributing in combating this Climate Emergency for the survival of Seychelles and other SIDS.
Stressing the unique role of Seychelles in providing climate solutions, he committed to pushing for a robust outcome at COP 25 for enhanced and ambitious climate action that is acceptable to all, in light of the climate emergency.