International Women’s Day Message from Minister Flavien Joubert

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day recognizes the important role that women and girls play in the sustainable development of our fragile planet, especially their contribution to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Women all over the world are at the frontline in finding solutions to adapt to climate change, be it at the workplace, in their communities and at home.  They are also contributing remarkably in research and developing technologies which will help to mitigate the amount of greenhouse gases release in the atmosphere. In many countries, women are the first to feel the impact of climate change as they have to walk farther to collect water and wood for use by the family. In Seychelles, we appreciate the participative approach women are taking in the fight for climate change. Seychellois women and girls have a strong voice in helping the government to make decisions towards a sustainable future. I therefore congratulate Seychellois women and girls for the difference they are making in the sustainable development of our country.  

Happy Woman’s Day.