Message for Clean Up the World Campaign

Once again this year, Seychelles joins the global campaign called clean up the World Campaign. Despite the COVID 19 pandemic challenges, each Seychellois must take their responsibility to keep our environment. I am therefore encouraging each Seychellois to participate in the clean up the world campaign. The cleanliness of our beautiful country is at the upmost important in view that our economy depends on touristic activity.

As a small island developing state, we should all be determine to protect our planet from any pollution and keep our environment. Furthermore, Waste management within our community plays a major role to keep our environment clean and prosper. We plan on taking a number of measures to improve our community waste management system. We will create new laws, relook at our policies and strategies, increase sensitisation and awareness as well as engage our community and non-governmental organizations to encourage waste segregation. As a result, Government will develop sound strategies and action to better manage waste in Seychelles. Hence, Measures has been incorporate in the Seychelles Solid waste Master plan to develop a sustainable waste manage system in our country and to reduce land and marine Pollution.

The Ministry plan on introducing waste segregation in government’s office which will later be introduced at the community level.  Through this process, the government recognizes that there is a need to involve more businesses into the recycling sector and investment is required from the private sector to create a more sustainable waste management system in our country.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment recognizes the effort of the NGOs, community and schools for cleaning our pristine environment and beautiful sea through gardening competition, eco-school and district awards. We wish to thank them for their continued efforts.

I am reaffirming our government commitment to put the measures in place to keep our beautiful country clean. Every individual must make a difference and it can done only together.