Minister Joubert reaffirms support to local farmers

The routine visit continues with Minister Joubert on various farms based on Mahe last Friday the 13th of August 2021. The aim of his visit was to better understand the various concerns raised by both livestock and crop farmers, and identify solutions to support and increase local production.

His first stop was at Hudson Philo’s Farm, Le Niole, Minister Joubert was welcomed by the Member of the National Assembly for Bel Ombre District, Honorable Sandy Arrisol. Mr. Philo shared some of his many ideas to Minister Joubert which will help boost local production, considering the impact of Climate Change.

“I encourage the government to negotiate or seek assistance with other countries, in order to purchase good quality equipment or farm machinery to motivate farmers.” said Mr. Philo.

Next stop was at Mr. Armand Michaud poultry Farm Sans Soucis, he was welcomed by the Member of the National Assembly for Bel Air District Mr. Norbert Loizeau. Minister was fascinated by the innovative technics of poultry production by Mr. Michaud. While touring the facility, Mr. Michaud raised some concerns with the Minister and hopes to see more innovative livestock production.

Minister Joubert also visited Jean-Paul Desaubin Farm, Au Cap, he was welcomed by the Member of the Assembly for Au Cap District Honorable Kelly Samynadin. Mr. Desaubin expressed his disappointment in the drainage system near his farm, especially during heavy rainfall his farm is severely affected. The discussions on site were an opportunity to assess and discuss on how to resolve the drainage system for Au Cap.

Minister further visited 3 farmers at Val D’Endorre alongside MNA for Baie Lazare District, Honorable Francois Adelaide, and two farms at Anse Boileau alongside MNA for Anse Boileau District, Honorable Philipe Arrisol, they ingeminate the same concerns with the Minister, reliable water supply system to the farming communities, stray dogs, road access and expanding their scale for production for both crop and livestock.

Minister Joubert was accompanied by the newly appointed Principal Secretary for Agriculture, Mr. Keven Nancy, Chief Agricultural Extension Officer Mr. Bob Petrousse, Principal Officer for Agricultural Lands Mrs. Valerie Henri, technical and other extension officers from the Agriculture Department.