Minister visits various projects on La Digue

In his welcoming remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of SNPA Mr. Selby Remy, thanked all the sponsors.  He iterated that they have a strategy to develop other trails on other islands to ensure the security of hikers as their safety is very important.

“There are no official trail on La Digue, there has been several reports of tourist getting lost. Thus, we have noticed that it is very important that we manage those trails to an acceptable standard. With the financial help we’ve gained from ETF, we have established the trail to the same standards as those on Mahé, with the sign board and indicators on display all along the trail” said Mr. Eric Sophola, SNPA Senior Park Officer.

The delegation had the opportunity to visits Nid D’Aigle, one of the most used trails on La Digue.  Nid Aigle is a trail which is well known amongst hikers.  Following the journey by foot, Minister Cosgrow proceeded to the La Digue Landfill, located at L’Union Estate  in which he witnessed for himself the waste management project.

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Flavien Joubert, stated that the landfill on La Digue is much smaller than those on the two main Islands therefore the amount of waste collected is on a lower scale. Such has made it possible for the classifying different waste materials.

“We’ve managed to complete the treatment plant system that collects all the water from the Land field, and create a diversion which prevents water from the mountains to enter the landfill. Said Mr. Joubert during an interview. He added further “We have manage to improve access to land field, Minister will notice the improvement of the work done on La Digue Landfill which can now accommodate waste for the next eight to ten years. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the volume of waste entering the land field has reduce therefore this gives us time work on certain minor issues till everything goes back to normal.”

At the end Minister visited 2 drainage projects Funded by the European Union and Global Climate Change Alliance plus (GCAA+) one located at L’Union -Basen Kanar and another one near the Hospital.  The  t two drainage projects are undergoing, their aim is to reduce the flooding which is common on La Digue Island.

“I had a great impression with all the projects on La Digue especially the drainage projects, which is still ongoing. We are planning to implement three additional drainage projects, once we have solve certain matters, in general the aim is to connect all internal drainage system on La Digue” Said Minister Cosgrow.

The Minister was accompanied by the two Principal Secretaries of both Environment and Climate Change, The Chairman as well as other members of ETF board.