Minister Wallace Cosgrow Visit the Public Utilities Corporation

As part of a series of visits that Minister for Environment Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Wallace Cosgrow will be undertaking at the Public Utilities Corporations (PUC), today he visited PUC at New Port (Water department). He was welcomed by the CEO of PUC Mr. Phillipe Morin and Deputy CEO Mr. Joel Valmont. Minister Cosgrow had the opportunity to meet staff working within the Water Department.

The Minister chaired a meeting attended by over 60 employees from various department with the organization, Minister Cosgrow commended them for their dedication and declare the need to raise greater awareness on the extraordinary work they do for the Public in general. He assured the team for his full support. He described the work of PUC as critical to the country, and encouraged the management team to continue their efforts to ensure they deliver the good service of Utilities for the country. They also had the opportunity to outline some of the main challenges facing PUC, such as working hours, allowances, scheme of service, working safety, staff loan and many more.

Following the meeting Minister Cosgrow toured facilities including the Laboratories both Water and Sewage and technical and mechanical warehouse. This has been the first official visit to PUC by the Minister Cosgrow and he would be continuing his visit to other department PUC.