South African Commissioner pays courtesy call on Minister for Agriculture

Dr H.N. Manzini High South African commission paid a courtesy call on the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Mr. Flavien Joubert this morning at foreign affairs.

During the meeting, the delegates spoke of the bilateral relations and cooperation that Seychelles and South Africa have shared for many years, specifically towards the development of Agricultural and environmental sector.

H.E Manzini declared that both Seychelles and South Africa can share experiences on how to use sustainable technologies to produce food and livestock for the population, especially with the impacts of climate change.

On his part, Minister Joubert welcomed the Dr. Manzini and support the proposal. He also mentioned that Seychelles resonates with the plans of South Africa when it comes to advance technologies for producing yields. He stated that Seychelles wants to expand the agricultural practice, however there are some challenges which delays the Ministry’s targets.

Minister Joubert further stated that with the knowledge exchange and training opportunities for both farmers and students from Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (SIAH) will help to develop their capacities when it comes to agriculture.

Dr. Manzini and Minister Flavien Joubert both agreed that Seychelles and South Africa will further discuss and implement other methods to ensure good and sustainable agriculture for both countries. The Ministry for agriculture is currently preparing an MOU, which will be signed by both countries soon.

The Minister was accompanied by the Principal Secretary for Agriculture, Mr. Keven Nancy.