Two young Seychellois to represent Seychelles at youth climate change event in Milan

The Youth4Climate Live Series hosted by the government of Italy, launched some interactive virtual events to build momentum towards the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition (Y4C) event.  A competition was held for youth around the world to participate in the event. Almost 400 young people aged between 18 and 29 from the 197 member-countries of the UNFCCC were selected to meet in person in Milan, from the 28th to the 30th of September 2021.

Ms. Victoria Alis and Mr. Jeremy Raguain will be representing Seychelles at the Y4C event. Ms. Alis who is currently a member of various NGOs, has participated in various climate change related activities throughout her work. Mr. Raguain currently works for SIF and is involved in various climate change related activities as well. Mr. Raguain also represented Seychelles at the Climate Action Youth Summit which took place in 2019 and this will be the second time that he officially represents Seychelles at such important events. Before their departure to Milan, together they are planning a 3-day Seychelles Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) event, taking place on the 2nd until the 4thof September 2021 as preparation. The LCOY will assist in building the understanding of the climate crisis to about 150 youth and engage them with their government and other stakeholders. Ms. Alis and Mr. Raguain provide their insights on the upcoming Y4C event.

“I feel that my past and ongoing work in relation to climate change will allow me to bring my country’s needs to Milan and far beyond. Even though I am disappointed with the global climate leaders as we see more massive heatwaves and several fossil fuel disasters, I believe that the Y4C event will be a way to raise awareness on the climate crisis. The event will produce key position statements on how young people are and can drive climate ambition, determine the criteria for a sustainable recovery, enable the engagement of non-state actors and build a climate-conscious society, but also provide key insights ahead of COP26 as to hold leaders accountable. Ultimately, I am proud to be representing my country and hope that my efforts lead to something meaningful for Seychelles when I return.” Says Mr. Raguain.

“Being selected to represent the Seychelles youth at the Y4C event is an absolute privilege and a great opportunity to raise young Seychellois’s climate concerns, solutions and priority areas on an international scene, and learn from the remarkable global climate activists that will be present at the event. Taking on this responsibility will demand a fair amount of preparation but I realize that this event will raise additional pressure on global political leaders in taking action to meet Paris Agreement goals in the targeted time frame and help keep them accountable for their false promises and inaction. I think this will be a great networking opportunity for country representatives to build collaborations and partnerships to integrate new ideas and tools into the climate-related work back home.” says Ms. Alis.

The event will be part of the process to actively involve more young people in climate change and will offer them the opportunity to develop concrete proposals for the Pre-COP26 taking place in Milan and the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) of the UNFCCC,  taking place on the 31st  October until the 12th of November 2021, in Glasgow, UK.

The first two days will be dedicated to working groups, while the last day will be focusing on the discussion between the young delegates and the Ministers attending the Pre-COP26 event.

Jeremy Raguain (left) to former Ambassador Ronny Jumeau Victoria Alis